Next Writing Ashram: 5 to 10 August 2024

The problem is all too well known: publishing is of central relevance for scientific careers, yet in the academic everyday life, writing tends to get sidelined. Time for concentration erodes. The Writing Ashram, a one-week writing retreat, solves this problem: In a Writing Ashram you get an enormous amount of work done. But also, you establish healthy work routines, so that your productivity also sees a long-term increase:

Through a daily schedule which simulates a monastic lifestyle, academics take a break from daily routines and responsibilities, retreating together to the countryside to work on their own writing project. A unique blend of writing, movement, meditation, workshops and coaching, guides you day after day towards a state of flow in your writing.

We offer the Writing Ashram in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the North of Germany in Neu Schönau (near Berlin), and in Austria in Viktorsberg. Register now!


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05. - 10. August 2024
in Neu Schönau

Writing Ashram Neu Schönau


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Leitung: Joh, Ingrid