About Us

Ingrid Scherübl
While I was working as a researcher at the University of the Arts, I was in pain about my writing. And I also noticed a profound dissatisfaction of colleagues: Too little time, too little appreciation yet so much pressure.  When traveling in India and spending time in an actual ashram, the idea for a a Writing Ashram  was born. A place to practice a balanced life, in a community, no distractions, engaging deeply in writing. With the success of that seminar, I became a full-time trainer and coach, offering personal development for post-graduate programs and universities.
Professional background: Diploma in Media and Cultural Studies, Gestalt Coach, NLP-Master, Hero’s Journey Guide.

Katja Günther
As a coach and trainer, I have many years’ experience working with writers, accompanying them on their academic career paths, especially during the process of writing. Supporting you to find ways of producing good work within a good life which meets your needs is the core of my coaching practice. www.faden-verloren.de

Professional background: M.A. in Romance languages and English studies, Gestalt Coach, Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT), NLP-Master, Systemic Coaching (certified by the DGfC)

We work with doctoral students, tenured professors, research groups, institutes and individuals throughout Europe, using tried and tested methods from Systemic Coaching as well as Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT) and the latest approach in writing didactics. At Writing By Doing, we champion an innovative learning culture. Each of our events ensures the creation of a highly activating working atmosphere for the purposes of lively research and writing.