Our Approach

We don’t talk about writing – we practise it. Writing by Doing is the core of our methodology. Rather than lecturing about what might be important for you and your writing, we let you gain new and refresh- ing experiences in the process of effective writing. We guide you into the flow and you create actual output. As writing is a practice, we have to engage in it – again and again and again.

Writing by doing means learning by doing. This is exactly what you get in our workshops. You can see the one day Writing Sweatshop as a kind of sprint, while the one-week long Writing Ashram is the long-distance training, with time to develop the stamina and technique for demanding text projects. Our workshops are designed specifically to meet the needs of academic life. As writing coaches, we have our backgrounds in the humanities and social sciences, and are influenced by systemic coaching, acceptance-commitment training and Gestalt therapy.