Flow Writing Day

Lassen Sie uns einen ganzen Tag dem effektiven Schreiben widmen! Der Flow-Writing Day ist eine großartige Möglichkeit, mit Ihrem Text-Projekt voranzukommen. Da wo Sie gerade stehen, geht es produktiv weiter. Sie kommen mit einem begonnenen Text, jede Ausarbeitungsstufe ist möglich (Rohversion, erste Version, … Endfassung) und natürlich auch jede Sprache.

Flow ist Ihnen an diesem Tag garantiert. Durch eine produktive Mischung aus Arbeitsreflexion, Coaching, aktivierenden Pausen und vor allem Schreibzeiten werden Sie nämlich besonders konzentriert in Ihre Arbeit eintauchen.

Sie können dieses Kurs auch für Ihr Graduiertenkolleg, Ihr Institut, Ihr Forschungsteam als Inhouse Weiterbildung buchen.


Flow Writing Month

The Month of Flow-Writing is a great opportunity to get down to business and push writing forward in a very focused way. In this month, the participants tackle a chapter of their dissertation, a journal article, a lecture or a funding application through facilitated writing days and their own writing practice. We lead the participants into a highly productive writing process that stretches over four weeks.

Throughout the Flow Writing Month there will be 3 days of joint writing guided by a writing coach, and free days in between for the writers to continue the writing on their own. Katja Günther and Ingrid Scherübl walk them all the way, from a blank page to a final version of their text. They will learn methods to write and to focus better, while getting a significant amount of work done. Their texts grow and the argument takes shape. By holding a Month of Flow Writing your scientists get the support to make writing a priority for a whole month and also beyond. They experience their personal productivity and (re-)gain their joy in writing.

WRITING-DAY I : From a blank page to your first draft 9 am—5.30 pm

This day lasts 8 highly structured and effective hours. You will write a rough draft in one day. You begin with a blank page and go home with a first draft.

WRITING-DAY II: From the first draft to the first version 9 am—5 pm

On this day, you push your text to your first version. A clear research question helps you to refine your draft and shape the argument you are making. You work out the structure of your argument and once it is clear to you, you can easily make it clear to the readers.

WRITING DAY III: Editing & The Extra Mile for Style 9 am—5 pm

On our last joint day, we use editing methods to refine and polish your text in terms of academic style. You will get tools and resources to support you in your writing process.

It is essential that participants also write on their own in between. Therefore please schedule this course early, so the participants can make time for their personal writing practice in between the seminar days, ideally 1 hour of writing daily in between the joint writing days. Following the program produces massive output. The participants will not only have a written text at the end of this month, but will also gain a lasting boost of productivity.

To arrange for this program to run at your institute, your graduate school, or for your research group, please contact us: 0176 32485574.