PEER-COACHING: a guide to implementing effective research intervision (cooperation, team development)

SELF-REGULATION IN THE WRITING PROCESS: introduction to self-coaching in the writing process (self-management)

THE CHAPTER SCAN the acid test for your own chapter (structure, argumentation, style)

THE STRATEGIC HEXAGON Six things that you’ve always wanted to know about your text (strategy, specification)

SHARPENING THE RESEARCH QUESTION if the question’s clear, you’re half way there already (clarification, specification)

CIRCLING-IN Clarity for your next step (structure, specification)

FINDING YOUR VOICE AS A WRITER make friends with your own text project (new perspectives, activating your motivation)

THE EXTRA MILE FOR STYLE refine and polish your text (argumentation, finalization, academic style)

THE DOCTORAL THESIS AS A HERO’S JOURNEY find out where you are and go forth with new-found strength (new perspectives, activating your motivation)

THE MAGIC CIRCLE OF PRODUCTIVITY activating resources for writers (clarification, activating motivation)

STICKING AT IT manage your writing time (self-management)

HOW TO SAY NO the art of undramatic and elegant refusal to open up writing time (self-management)

DETOX YOUR WRITING Writer’s block consists of thoughts. Let’s believe new ones. (self-management)

A selection of these workshops are held in a Writing Ashram. They can be also combined to a tailor-made course at your university.